Is the Canadian Securities Course worth it?

Is Canadian securities course useful?

Many people have attained great success after taking the CSC course. … The course will be particularly beneficial to those looking to get a leg up in the competitive job market, individuals new to Canada, those looking for a foundation in their financial services career and people interested in learning something new.

Is the Canadian Securities course hard?

The securities exams have a pass rate of 60 per cent, but those keen to take the course are not in for easy reading. “It is a bit of a slog,” Efron said. “It’s a lot of material.

Is Canadian Securities Institute legit?

In Canada, we are the primary provider of regulatory courses and examinations for the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada’s (IIROC). Our courses are also accredited by the securities and insurance regulators.

How long is Canadian Securities course valid?

The validity for the Canadian Securities Course is three years if you’ve never been approved with an IIROC member firm. If you have terminated your membership with an IIROC member firm, your licensing course is valid for three years from that date, provided you were registered in a category that required the course.

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Can I get a job with CSC?

CSC will present you with an offer of employment if you: successfully complete all stages of CTP: for security positions only. meet all conditions of employment. meet occupational certification requirements.

Is SeeWhy learning good?

SeeWhy learning was amazing. I couldn’t have done it without them as their online courses provided study tools that led to my success. This small monetary investment in their program resulted in a huge investment in my future, and alleviated a lot of stress while preparing.

What happens if I fail CSC exam?

If you failed your exam and want to request an exam re-evaluation, please send an Exam Re-evaluation Request Form within four weeks of the notification of your failure to CSI Customer Support. Click to download an Exam Re-evaluation Request Form. Please note that exam re-evaluations cannot be requested by phone.

How long should I study for CSC?

Far from it. On the CSI website, you’ll see that it estimates that it will take you between 135-200 hours of study time depending on your background and level of comprehension.

Which is better IFIC or CSC?

Honestly depending on where you want to go in the future, having the CSC will be more beneficial. IFIC is good if you want to any Mutual Funds sales or operations role or anything in dealer relations at an mutual funds company.

What does the Canadian Securities course allow you to do?

Passing the CSC allows those in the financial services industry to move on to courses and designations like the Personal Financial Planner (PFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), MTI Estate and trust Professional as well as certificates in: Financial Services Advice, Investment Dealer Compliance, Advanced Investment …

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What can I do with CSC certification?

What Careers Does Taking the CSC Lead to?

  • Mutual Funds and Alternative Mutual Funds Sales Representative.
  • Financial Planner.
  • Investment Representative.
  • Investment Advisor.
  • Bank or Trust Company Officer.

How hard is the WME exam?

The WME® Case Study Exam is very challenging. Passing the Case Study exam requires you to master the material in the course! 1. … The SeeWhy Learning practice case study exams are designed to help you “apply” all of that knowledge (i.e. practice writing case study exams).

What is the pass rate for CSC exam?

Cost: Varies. Number of Questions: 100 questions per exam. Passing Score: 60% per exam.

How do I prepare for the Canadian Securities Course?

Come to the exam well prepared: Arrive early to avoid last-minute jitters. Make sure that you have all the materials required, such as pens, pencils, and calculator(s). Use the washroom before the exam. Allocate exam time wisely: We suggest that you bring a watch and leave it on the desk where it can be easily seen.

How much does it cost to take the Canadian Securities Course?

Complete Course & Certification Exams List

Securities Sector Price(Cdn$)
Online, interactive course with PDF textbook $710.00
Online, interactive course with hard-copy of textbook $750.00
Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) for Investors
Online, interactive program; with online textbook (PDF) $550.00