In what situation the security of the ship is affected?

In what situation the security of a ship is affected?

There are many different activities that can affect the ship security, such as piracy, smuggling, trafficking, illegal fishing and antagonistic threats, Some activities pose a direct threat to the shipping community, and others are part of the general maritime picture that creates a threatening environment, and.

What is security incident in ship?

What is a security incident (in relation to a ship)? by Ship Inspection. It is defined in the ISPS Code as any suspicious act or circumstance threatening the security of a ship or of a port facility or of any ship/port interface or any ship to ship activity.

What are the security threats onboard?

Enhanced security measures may have to be implemented on board when operating in these “high-risk” areas to make sure that the seafarers stay safe and feel safe. The physical security threats include terrorism, piracy, robbery and the illegal trafficking of goods and people.

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What are maritime security threats?

They refer to threats such as maritime inter-state disputes, maritime terrorism, piracy, trafficking of narcotics, people and illicit goods, arms proliferation, illegal fishing, environmental crimes, or maritime accidents and disasters.

What are the security levels on ship?

– Security Level 1, normal; the level at which ships and port facilities normally operate; – Security Level 2, heightened; the level applying for as long as there is a heightened risk of a security incident; and – Security Level 3, exceptional, the level applying for the period of time when there is the probable or …

Who decides security level of ship?

3. Ship security officer. ISPS code requires company to appoint a ship security officer. The crew member appointed as SSO must have done the security training required as per STCW.

How does a ship security alert system work?

How SSAS works ?

  1. The alert includes ship identity and current position associated with date and time.
  2. Alert is transmitted via satellite to a competent authority designated by the vessel’s flag state or by the shipping-company.
  3. The flag state authority is responsible for notifying the appropriate response agencies.

What happens when activating ship security alert system?

When used, the activation button basically notifies the flag State of the ship without alerting ships or coastal states in the vicinity or giving any indication onboard.

What is declaration of security what is included who issue the declaration of security?

A Declaration of Security (DOS) is a declaration that addresses the security requirements that could be shared between a port facility and a ship (or between ships) and will state the responsibility for security each shall take. It is an agreement between both partieS.

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What are major security concerns and potential threats facing the shipping industry today?

Maritime Security Today

A complex transnational set of security issues threaten the maritime industry and the movement of cargo in international trade. Those threats include terrorism, piracy, smuggling of stowaways and drugs, cargo theft and fraud, bribery and extortion.

What is the purpose of ship security plan on board ship?

Ship Security Plan (SSP) is a plan that is formulated to ensure that that the measures laid out in the plan with respect to the security of the ship are applied onboard. This is in place to protect the personnel, cargo, cargo transport units, stores etc from any security-related risks.

What is the most effective method of ship protection?

An effective lookout is the most effective method of ship protection. It can help identify a suspicious approach or attack early on, which allows defences to be deployed.

What is ship safety?

Personal safety primarily includes the various ways and means which sailors can adopt to stay safe on an individual level, such as careful movement around the ship, steady handling of heavy cargo, etc. In addition, appropriate use of safety equipment is also a part of personal safety on ships.

What are the maritime security threats we face today?

Piracy and armed robbery; terrorism; drug trafficking and trafficking in nuclear materials and firearms; human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants; illegal activities in the fisheries sector; waste trafficking, and intentional and unlawful damage to the marine environment: all represent acute challenges to global …

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When a ship can request a declaration of security?

A ship can request completion of a DoS when: 1. the ship is operating at a higher security level than the port facility or another ship with which it interfaces; 2. there is an agreement on a DoS between Contracting Governments covering certain international voyages or specific ships on those voyages, and 3.