How do you get a guard card in Georgia?

Does Georgia require a guard card?

Armed security guards must register with the state. … They will undergo thorough background checks. Unarmed guards do not have to register, but must meet training requirements set by the state.

How do I get a blue card in Georgia?

A Georgia Blue Card is needed only if you are interested in becoming an Armed Guard. 2. The only way you can register for a blue card is if you have completed the State Certified Armed Guard Training Course. ( The State Certified Training has to be completed prior to Applying for the Blue Card License.

How much does it cost to get a blue card in Georgia?

How much does a blue card cost? Registration for a Blue Card from the Georgia State Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies is $70.

How do I become a security guard?

To become a security guard, you will proceed through steps similar to the ones below.

  1. Apply for an open position of security guard.
  2. Pass a background check.
  3. Get hired as a security guard.
  4. Receive on-the-job training once hired.

What are the requirements to start a security company in Georgia?

Other basic requirements on how to start a security company in Georgia are: age of at least 18 years old, no felony convictions, must be a US citizen who has resided in Georgia for at least a year before application and has good moral character.

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Can I get a guard card with a felony?

Yes, felons can also apply for guard card legally. There is no such restriction in this case. Not all felons however can get their guard card applications approved.

How long does a guard card last?

No there is no expiry date on your Age Card. Is there an expiry date on my Application Form? Yes, if you do not bring your Application Form to be authenticated at a Garda Station within three months of your date of online application the form will no longer be valid and will not be processed.

Can a security guard carry a knife?

Security officers are risking their lives everyday with no protection while the criminals are armed with weapons. With the police cuts and knife crime rising we as security guards don’t have any way to protect ourselves. … Security guards are only allowed to carry a torch, notepad and pen.

How do I become a private investigator in Georgia?

To qualify for a private detective company license, you’ll need at least one of the following: at least two years of experience as an agent with a licensed PI agency; at least two years of experience in law enforcement; or a four-year degree in criminal justice or a related field.

What is a blue card in GA?

Armed Security Officer (Blue Card)

Security personnel, uniformed or not, working with a firearm in the course of their assigned duties, must posses a “Class 1” endorsement on their state permit. Students must qualify with the firearm they will be working with for the job.

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Can I work armed security with a CCW?

By arming yourself on the job, you would be an unlicensed “armed security officer”. It may jeopardize your personal CCW license as well as get you fired and may even prevent you from ever getting an armed security license.