You asked: How do I turn off real time protection greyed out?

Real-time protection should be switched on by default. If real-time protection is off, click the toggle to turn it on. If the switch is greyed-out or disabled it’s probably because you have another antivirus program installed. Check with your antivirus software to confirm if it offers real-time protection.

Why can’t I turn off real time protection?

Windows Defender won’t find it. … In Windows Security, click “Virus & Threat Protection” in the sidebar. Then select “Manage Settings.” In “Virus & Threat Protection Settings,” locate the “Real-Time protection” option and click the switch that says “On” to toggle it to the “Off” position.

How do I force real time protection off?

Turn off Defender antivirus protection in Windows Security

  1. Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Manage settings (or Virus & threat protection settings in previous versions of Windows 10).
  2. Switch Real-time protection to Off.
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How do I fix Windows Defender real time protection?

Open the Settings app. Choose Update & security. Select Windows Defender on the side bar.

Enable Real-Time Protection for Microsoft Defender

  1. Open the Windows Security app.
  2. Choose Virus and Threat Protection.
  3. From “Virus & threat protection settings” choose “manage settings”

How do you turn off real time protection this setting is managed by your administrator?

To do that:

  1. Press simultaneously the Windows + R keys to open the run command box.
  2. Type gpedit. …
  3. At the left pane navigate to: …
  4. At the right pane open the Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus setting.
  5. Set the policy setting to Not Configured or Disabled to enable the real time protection and click OK.
  6. Restart the computer.

Why does my Virus protection turn off?

The warning that you’re antivirus software is turned off might be a fake alert, also known as “rogue security software.” This type of warning is designed to fool you into downloading malicious software or paying for antivirus software.

How do I turn off McAfee Real-time protection?

How to disable McAfee SecurityCenter

  1. Right-click the McAfee icon at the bottom-right corner of your Windows Desktop.
  2. Select Change settings > Real-time Scanning from the menu.
  3. In the Real-Time Scanning status window, click the Turn off button.
  4. You can now specify when you want Real-Time Scanning to resume.

How do I permanently disable Virus threat protection?

Open Windows Defender Security Center. Click on Virus & threat protection. Click the Virus & threat protection settings option. Turn off the Real-time protection toggle switch.

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How do I disable my chrome antivirus?

How to disable Chrome Virus Detection?

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to Settings.
  2. Under Privacy and security, click on the Security option.
  3. Under Safe Browsing, scroll down and choose No protection.
  4. Restart Chrome browser.

How do I turn off protected Windows?

Here is how you turn it off on Windows 10:

  1. Tap on the Windows-key to display the Start menu.
  2. Type gpedit. …
  3. Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Explorer.
  4. Double-click on the policy Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen.
  5. Set it to Disabled.
  6. Click on ok to save the change.

How do I turn off tamper protection?

How to disable Tamper Protection on Windows Security

  1. Open Start.
  2. Search for Windows Security and click the top result to open the experience.
  3. Click on Virus & threat protection.
  4. Under the “Virus & threat protection” section, click the Manage settings option.
  5. Turn off the Tamper Protection toggle switch.

How do I turn on real-time protection in Sophos Central?


  1. Access your Sophos Home Dashboard.
  2. Click the computer where you need to disable the real-time protection.
  3. Go to the Protection tab > General tab.
  4. Switch on or off the toggle under Real-Time Protection.

How do I turn on real-time protection as administrator?

1: Windows Security Settings

Click on Virus & threat protection and on the next screen, click on Manage settings under Virus & threat protection. Turning real-time protection back on is as easy as clicking on the Windows Security tray icon again and click Turn on.

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How do you get around this setting is managed by your administrator?

How to Fix “This Setting Is Managed by Your Administrator” in…

  1. Check for Windows Updates. The first thing to do is to check your system for any pending Windows updates. …
  2. Disable Other Antivirus Software. …
  3. Solve Using Registry Editor. …
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