Which country pays highest salary to security guard?

Where do security guards get paid the most?

Best-Paying States for Security Guards

The states and districts that pay Security Guards the highest mean salary are District of Columbia ($44,200), Alaska ($43,060), Washington ($41,030), Missouri ($39,160), and Virginia ($38,000).

Which country is best for security jobs?

Below are the top 10 countries that offer the best job security:

  • The United Kingdom.
  • Germany.
  • China.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Turkey.
  • Australia.
  • Canada.
  • France.

Which country has the best security guards in the world?

The Most Secure Countries in the World

  • Singapore 97 Law and Order Index.
  • Norway 93.
  • Iceland 93.
  • Finland 93.
  • Uzbekistan 91.
  • Hong Kong 91.
  • Switzerland 90.
  • Canada 90.

How much is a security guard paid in USA?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (updated in May 2019), the hourly wage for security guards ranges from $10.17 to $24.19. The median hourly wage in the United States is $14.27. The annual wage for security guards ranges from $21,150 to $50,310.

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What is the highest paid security job?

Top 10 Highest-Paying Security Careers for 2020

  1. Chief Information Security Officer. …
  2. Security Architect. …
  3. Risk Manager. …
  4. Systems, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester. …
  5. Network Security Engineer. …
  6. Network Security Administrator. …
  7. Cyber Crime Investigator. …
  8. Information Security Analyst.

Is security a good career?

A job as a security guard can be anything you want it to be: a reliable career choice, an exciting opportunity to help people, or a stepping stone to other pursuits. Whichever you choose, becoming a security officer can put you on the road to success.

Is there job security in India?

For Indians, job security is more important than other factors such as salary and perks, says a new study. According to the India findings of the 2012 Global Workforce Study by Towers Watson, Indian job seekers look for security while choosing a company for employment, followed by career advancement opportunities.

Which is best country for job?


Rank Country Name Opportunity Index
1 Singapore 82.56
2 Hong Kong 80.73
3 United Arab Emirates 78.83
4 Australia 77.46

Who is the world’s largest security company?

G4S is the world’s largest security company measured by revenues. It has operations in more than 85 countries. With over 533,000 employees, by 2012 it was the largest European and African private employer.

Which security is best in world?

All time Top 10 Security companies in the world

  • The Brink’s Company. It is an American security company headquartered outside of Richmond, Virginia, United States. …
  • CAIC International. CAIC international was founded in Santa Monica in 1972. …
  • Booz Allen Hamilton. …
  • Control Risks. …
  • GardaWorld. …
  • DynCorp. …
  • AlliedUniversal. …
  • Securitas AB.
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Who is the best security in India?

Top 10 Security Companies in India

  • A.P. Securitas Pvt. Ltd.
  • Armour Security Pvt. Ltd.
  • Fireball Group.
  • G4S Secure Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Globe Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd.
  • G7 Securitas Group.
  • Premier Shield Pvt. Ltd.
  • Security & Intelligence Services India Ltd.

How much does a security guard make in Australia?

The average security guard salary in Australia is $44,801 per year or $22.98 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $34,184 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $61,650 per year.

How much do security guards make in Canada?

According to the Government of Canada’s wage report (updated on October 1, 2019), hourly pay for security guards ranges from $11.50 to $24.86. The median hourly wage in Canada is $15.96.

Do bodyguards make good money?

It’s a big industry and growing. The average bodyguard makes $55,000 per year while some sign contracts for $700 per day or $180,000 per year. Location, experience, training, job description, and danger are the major factors in determining pay. Being a bodyguard can be mundane or it can be deadly.