What is the purpose of the CSI Container Security Initiative?

CSI proposes a security regime to ensure all containers that pose a potential risk for terrorism are identified and inspected at foreign ports before they are placed on vessels destined for the United States.

What are the core elements of the Container Security Initiative CSI?

The four core elements of CSI are: Identify high-risk containers; Pre-screen and evaluate containers before they are shipped; Use technology to pre-screen high-risk containers to ensure that screening can be done rapidly without slowing down the movement of trade, and; Use smarter, more secure containers, which will …

What is CSI in supply chain?

The Container Security Initiative (CSI) was created by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (formerly the U.S. Customs Service) in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It was established to protect trade lanes between specific ports and the United States.

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How many operational ports have adopted CSI?

CSI operates in 58 ports worldwide, in regions including North, Central, and South America; the Caribbean; Europe; Africa; the Middle East; and throughout Asia. Approximately 80 percent of all maritime cargo imported into the United States originates in or transits through a CSI port.

When the CSI was originally set up how many ports were part of the scheme?

The initial CSI program has focused on implementation at the top 20 ports shipping approximately two-thirds of the container volume to the United States.

What is one of the key elements of the Ctpat?

These controls include Container Inspections, Seal Controls, Destination Receiving, and Container Storage. In accordance with CTPAT program regulations, Elements has access controls in place to prevent unauthorized entry to facilities, maintaining control of employees and visitors, and protecting company assets.

What is Ctpat certification?

C-TPAT is a United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initiative that stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. C-TPAT is a voluntary program where participants work to protect supply chains from the concealment of terrorist weapons including weapons of mass destruction.

What does CSI mean in logistics?

If you have read, seen, or heard about DHL Express before, there is a good chance that you would come across the term “Certified International Specialists” or CIS.

What does CSI stand for in logistics?

The abbreviation CSI means Clean Shipping Index.

What is the Container security Initiative CSI )? What agency oversees it how does it work?

CSI addresses the threat to border security and global trade posed by the potential for terrorist use of a maritime container to deliver a weapon. … CBP uses automated targeting tools to identify containers that pose a potential risk for terrorism, based on advance information and strategic intelligence.

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What is ISP code?

What is the ISPS Code? ISPS or the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code is an essential maritime regulation for the safety and security of ships, ports, cargo and crew.

Is the ISPS Code a voluntary or a mandatory security initiative?

It was developed in response of the perceived threats to ships and port facilities after the 9/11 attacks. The ISPS Code is part of the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) and compliance is mandatory for the 148 Contracting Parties to SOLAS.

Which types of internationally trading vessels are affected by the ISPS Code?

The ISPS Code applies to ships on international voyages (including passenger ships, cargo ships of 500 GT and upwards, and mobile offshore drilling units) and the port facilities serving such ships.