What is port security on a switch?

Overview. The switchport security feature (Port Security) is an important piece of the network switch security puzzle; it provides the ability to limit what addresses will be allowed to send traffic on individual switchports within the switched network.

Why should you enable port security on a switch?

The main reason to use port security in a switch is to stop or prevent unauthorized users to access the LAN.

What is the main purpose of switch port security?

Port Security helps secure the network by preventing unknown devices from forwarding packets. When a link goes down, all dynamically locked addresses are freed. The port security feature offers the following benefits: You can limit the number of MAC addresses on a given port.

What does clearing port security do?

clear port-security sticky interface fa0/1 – clears the learned sticky MAC addresses, must be done prior to a shut/no shut to re-enable a port disabled due to port security.

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What is show port security?

Displays information about restricted MAC addresses on the specified port. mac. Displays secure MAC addresses configured on a device.

What is switch port security and violations?

Switch port security limits the number of valid MAC addresses allowed on a port. … If the maximum number of secure MAC addresses has been reached, a security violation occurs when a devices with a different MAC addresses tries to attach to that port.

What are the port security violation modes?

You can configure the port for one of three violation modes: protect, restrict, or shutdown.

What are the 3 port security violation modes for a switch?

Switchport Violations

On Cisco equipment there are three different main violation types: shutdown, protect, and restrict. These are described in more detail below: Shutdown – When a violation occurs in this mode, the switchport will be taken out of service and placed in the err-disabled state.

How do you show port security?

To check and analyze the port security configuration on switch, user needs to access privilege mode of the command line interface. ‘show port-security address’ command is executed to check the current port security status.

How do I enable port security on a switch?

To configure port security, three steps are required:

  1. define the interface as an access interface by using the switchport mode access interface subcommand.
  2. enable port security by using the switchport port-security interface subcommand.

What is sticky MAC address in port security?

Sticky MAC is a port security feature that dynamically learns MAC addresses on an interface and retains the MAC information in case the Mobility Access Switch reboots.

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Can you change your default aging time?

Changing the Default Ageing Period

Depending on requirement, the ageing slabs can be defined by you. By default, the age of the items is ascertained from the date of purchase. You can change this by altering the configuration options.

What is Switchport port security aging time?

Switchport Security Aging

This provides for a MAC address to be removed from being learned after a configured amount of time. By default, aging is not enabled and addresses are not deleted unless the device is rebooted or the MAC addresses are cleared through a removal command being issued.

How do I disable port security?

To disable port security aging for all secure addresses on a port, use the no switchport port-security aging time interface configuration command.

What does port security block unauthorized access?

A. Port security blocks unauthorized access by examining the source address of a network device.

What happened when you add computers on ports with port security?

By using port security, users can limit the number of MAC addresses that can be learned to a port, set static MAC addresses, and set penalties for that port if it is used by an unauthorized user. User can either use restrict, shut down or protect port-security commands.