What is offered by Intune Endpoint Protection?

Intune includes security baselines for Windows devices and a growing list of applications, like Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Edge. Security baselines are pre-configured groups of Windows settings that help you apply a configuration that’s recommended by the relevant security teams recommend.

Does Intune provide antivirus?

Intune Endpoint security Antivirus policies can help security admins focus on managing the discrete group of antivirus settings for managed devices. Antivirus policy includes several profiles. … You’ll find the antivirus policies under Manage in the Endpoint security node of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

What are the benefits of Intune?

13 Core benefits of Microsoft Intune

  • Choice of Multiple Devices. …
  • Unparalleled Management of Office Mobile Apps. …
  • Advanced Endpoint Analytics. …
  • Data Protection. …
  • Maximize return on investment. …
  • Monitor Mobile Devices and Computers. …
  • No Infrastructure Required. …
  • Flexible licensing.

What is endpoint protection policy?

The objective is to reduce the risk of security breaches that could result from the connection and use of Endpoint devices. This policy seeks to limit security threats by: … Enabling protective measures and controls to manage Endpoint security and software compliance risks.

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Is Intune the same as Endpoint Manager?

Microsoft Intune, which is a part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, provides the cloud infrastructure, the cloud-based mobile device management (MDM), cloud-based mobile application management (MAM), and cloud-based PC management for your organization.

What is Microsoft Defender for endpoint?

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint delivers industry-leading endpoint security for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and network devices and helps to rapidly stop attacks, scale your security resources, and evolve your defenses.

Can Intune manage Windows Defender?

You can integrate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Microsoft Intune as a Mobile Threat Defense solution. … For devices that run Android, you can use Intune policy to modify the configuration of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Android.

What is Intune capable of?

Intune enables you to deploy software across all enrolled devices. Easily control updates so every user is running up-to-date apps and software. Licensing can be tracked, and you’re able to collect information about hardware configurations and software installations on managed computers.

What is the difference between Azure and Intune?

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a universal identity management platform which incorporates user credentials and strong authentication policies to safeguard your company’s data, while Microsoft Intune provides cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).

Will Intune replace SCCM?

Can Intune Replace SCCM? Intune still has a ways to go before it can truly replace SCCM. As of now, it works more as a cloud-based SCCM extension. Intune could potentially be used on its own, but only for organizations that run Windows 10, work primarily on mobile devices, and/or don’t need to manage servers.

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What does McAfee Endpoint Security do?

McAfee Endpoint Security delivers centrally managed defenses with integrated capabilities like endpoint detection and response and machine learning analysis. Protect your Windows, Mac, and Linux systems with multiple, collaborative defenses and automated responses.

Do I need endpoint protection?

As hackers continue to target confidential company data, it is important to secure every device connected to the central network to avoid data breaches. A good MSP security offering should include endpoint protection alongside other solutions, such as a backup and disaster recovery program.

What is the difference between endpoint and antivirus?

Endpoint security solutions cover your entire network and protect against different types of security attacks, while antivirus software covers a single endpoint and only detects and blocks malicious files.

Does Intune require Azure AD?

Azure AD Premium is required to configure automatic MDM enrollment with Intune. If you do not have a subscription, you can sign up for a trial subscription .

What is Intune called now?

Microsoft is planning to bring together System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and the Microsoft Intune mobile management service into a new brand called “Microsoft Endpoint Manager,” per a Monday Ignite-related announcement.

Can Intune see text messages?

Intune admins can’t see phone call history, web surfing history, location information (except for iOS 9.3 and later devices when the device is in Lost Mode), email and text messages, contacts, passwords, calendar, and cameral roll.