What is a protected area how many type of protected area are there give example?

Six categories of protected areas are defined by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN); (1a) Strict Nature Reserve, (1b) Wilderness Area, (2) National Park, (3) Natural Monument, (4) Habitat/Species Management Area, (5) Protected Landscape/ Seascape, and (6) Managed Resource Protected Area.

What are protected areas give example?

Protected Areas: For species, habitats and people

PAs such as national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas represent today one of the most important methods of conserving biological diversity worldwide.

How many protected areas are there?

Protected Areas of India

Year No. of National Parks No. of Protected Areas
2017 103 769
2018 104 771
2019 101 903
2020 104 981

What are protected areas Give example of one such kind?

Protected areas of India include National parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, reserved and protected forests, conservation and community reserves, communal forests, private protected areas and conservation areas.

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What is a protected area in biology?

A Protected Area is a clearly defined geographical space, recognized, dedicated and managed through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values.

What are protected areas give examples of one such kind Class 8?

Wildlife sanctuaries, National parks and Biosphere are the three types of protected area which have been earmarked for the conservation of forest and wildlife.

What are protected areas Class 8?

They are protected areas intended to provide a natural habitat with all natural resources to the animals where they can freely roam and use the habitat. These areas are extended and diverse enough to protect the entire ecosystem including the flora, fauna, historic objects and the natural landscapes.

How many types of protected areas are there in India?

India has a network of 981 Protected Areas including 104 National Parks, 566 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 97 Conservation Reserves and 214 Community Reserves covering a total of 1,71,921 km2 of geographical area of the country which is approximately 5.03%.

How many protected areas are in Nigeria?

Sources 15

Protected Areas of Nigeria Updated: 2007 Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria.

How many protected areas are in Pakistan?

Today, Pakistan can claim 398 “notified” protected areas which include 31 national parks, 92 wildlife sanctuaries, 97 game reserves, 19 wetland reserves and 160 community reserves.

What are protected areas Class 12?

(ii) Protected areas are ecologically unique and biodiversity rich regions. These are legally protected as biosphere reserves, national parks and sanctuaries. India has 14 biosphere reserves, 90 national parks and 448 wildlife sanctuaries. The first national park set up in India was Jim Corbett National Park.

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How are protected areas protected?

All Australian governments have agreed to minimum standards that protected areas must meet to be included in and managed the National Reserve System. The land must be designated a ‘protected area’ to be conserved forever, with effective legal means guaranteeing its perpetual conservation.

What is protected area describe the protected area of India for wildlife?

Protected Area (PA) has been defined in the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. Section 2(24A) says: “Protected Area” means a National Park, Sanctuary, Conservation / Community Reserve. These are notified under Chapter IV titled “Protected Areas”.

What are protected areas give two examples?

Wildlife sanctuaries, National parks and Biosphere are the three types of protected area which have been earmarked for the conservation of forest and wildlife.

What is a protected area called?

Protected areas – national parks, wilderness areas, community conserved areas, nature reserves and so on – are a mainstay of biodiversity conservation, while also contributing to people’s livelihoods, particularly at the local level.

What is public protected area?

Public protected areas receive varying levels of investment in infrastructure and services. These typically include walking trails, parking areas, toilet facilities, campgrounds and equipment rental sites.