Quick Answer: Why is it important to include security and privacy in an EA program and the documentation of EA components?

Why is it important to include security and privacy in an EA program and the documentation of EA components? The role of security and privacy within an EA program is best described as a comprehensive set of controls that pervade all architectural domains and are a key part of an organization’s risk management strategy.

Which elements of security and privacy program can be viewed as EA components?

Security is one of the vertical “threads” that has an impact at all levels of the EA framework. The enterprise’s Security and Privacy Program is described in four basic parts: information security, personnel security, operational security, and physical security.

What is your understanding of the role of security and privacy in the enterprise architecture itself?

The security or privacy architect is responsible for ensuring that stakeholder protection needs and the corresponding system requirements necessary to protect organizational missions and business functions and individuals’ privacy are adequately addressed in the enterprise architecture including reference models, …

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Which elements of a security program can be EA components?

Which elements of an IT security program can be viewed as EA components? IT security related processes, information flows, applications, systems, and network hardware and software.

Why are management views of EA artifacts important?

EA management views can help various types of users to both understand and share EA artifacts. … In addition, management views can help to translate EA artifacts that are in technical modeling or analytic formats into views that are easier to understand by those who are not trained in that documentation methodology.

What are the information security issues that should be reflected in the security and privacy program plan?

What are the Information Security issues that should be reflected in the Security and Security Plan? In the area of information security, the Security and Privacy Program should promote security and privacy-conscious designs, information content assurance, source authentication, and data access control.

What is an EA Repository and how does it support the EA implementation methodology?

The EA repository is intended to provide a single place for the storage and retrieval of EA artifacts that are created using EA software applications (tools). … Providing easy access to EA information and artifacts is essential for their use in planning, management, and decision-making.

What is enterprise risk architecture?

Various risk frameworks are harmonized into an enterprise risk framework. The IT architecture in place aggregates risk data and effectively communicates, monitors, and manages risk. Establishment of risk culture and policy. Risk policy must be communicated across the business to establish a risk management culture.

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What is the role of an EA framework within the EA methodology?

What is the role of an EA framework within the EA methodology? The framework should identify the areas of the enterprise that the EA will cover, and how those areas relate.

What are EA components and how do they relate to a framework?

While an EA framework provides an overall structure for modeling the enterprise’s business and technology operating environment, EA components are the working elements of the framework at each level. In other words, EA components are building blocks that create discrete parts of the overall IT operational capability.

What is an EA implementation methodology?

Enterprise Architecture Implementation Methodology (EAIM) prepares a set of methods and practices for developing, managing, and maintaining an EA implementation project. There is ineffectiveness in existing EAIMs due to complexities emerging from EAIM practices, models, factors, and strategy.

Do you think that EA is really important in an organization why?

Reducing Complexity

EA is a tried and tested way of streamlining the core working of an organisation. … EA encourages you to adopt a proactive, outcome-focused approach. Through a selection of the right principles, tools, and standards, it facilitates the calibration and automation of processes.

What are the benefits of EA?

What are the 7 Benefits of working with EA?

  • Creating Insights and Overviews of Relations and Dependencies.
  • Impact of Change Analysis (What-if Scenarios)
  • Standardization and Risk Mitigation.
  • IT Cost and Complexity Reduction.
  • Process and Capability Improvement.
  • Enabling Innovation.
  • Strategy and Transformation Realization.

Why is EA described as both a management program and an analysis and design method?

Why is EA described as both a management program and an analysis and design method? … Together the EA program and method provide an ongoing capability and actionable, coordinated views of an enterprise’s strategic direction, business services, information flows, and resource utilization.

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