Quick Answer: Why do we wear shin guards?

Shin guards are one of the suggested preventive methods. Their main function is to protect the soft tissues and bones in the lower extremities from external impact. Shin guards provide shock absorption and facilitate energy dissipation, thereby decreasing the risk of serious injuries.

Are shin pads necessary?

It is a requirement that you use shin guards when playing a match, and the referee can actually refuse you to play if you are not wearing shin guards. There are also requirements for your guards that they must be made of, for the purpose, appropriate materials and provide reasonable protection.

How effective are shin pads?

Evidence supports that shinguards are effective in reducing injury from impacts because the number of fractures in soccer has decreased from 24.7% of all injuries in 1988-199027 to 17.6% of all soccer injuries from 1990-199428 and down to 9.8% from 1998-2001.

Why do you wear shin guards under socks?

Suppose a player wears their shin guards over their socks rather than under them. In that situation, the color on the shin guards may confuse another player or referee when they quickly glance at another player’s feet or legs. To avoid any distraction, players wear shin guards under their socks.

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What happens if you don’t wear shin pads?

Without ample protection for your shins, you may not be able to play. The worst part is that if you do, you may end up with several cuts, abrasions or even a broken shin bone.

Why are shin guards so small?

The light, tiny ‘slip in’ shinguards are used because they are exactly that, light and small and unlikely to interfere with movement. I’ve been coaching for 12 years now. It’s for fashion; players don’t like chunky shin pads bulging out their socks.

Do all football players wear shin guards?

Footballers are required to wear shin pads like those found at Total Hockey – shin pads due to the rules of the game. These shin pads are designed specifically to protect your shins from injuries. So to comply with the rules and laws of the game, footballers wear small shin pads.

Do American football players wear shin guards?

Every athlete knows that getting hit in the shin hurts like hell and can have lasting effects that can slow you down. Which is exactly why some NFL players have started wearing shin guards. Though you might associate shin guards with soccer players, the benefits they offer to football players are pretty obvious.

Who invented the shin guard?

Sam Weller Widdowson is credited for bringing shin guards to the sport in 1874. He played cricket for Nottinghamshire and football for Nottingham Forest, and he got the idea to protect himself based on his cricket experiences.

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Do soccer socks go over shin guards?

For match play, your socks must completely cover your shin guards. … Often times your shin guard can dictate how you wear your socks. For guards with built-in ankle protection (usually preferred by younger players), players attach the guard to their leg and then pull their socks over them.

How high should shin guards go?

Shin guards should fit from just above the bend of your ankle when you flex your foot to a couple of inches below the knee.

What do you wear under shin guards?

Wear the Right Socks

It’s a good idea to wear soccer shin guards with socks. However, the socks you wear are your choice. Some soccer players like ankle socks, while others prefer long shin socks that cover their calves and go up to the knees. Full-length socks are best for shin guards with no straps.

Why do pro soccer players not wear shin guards?

Originally Answered: Why do professional footballers where tiny little shin pads? Because players feel that shinguards interfere with their movement and play, and therefore don’t wish to wear full-size shinguards, and because Referees don’t have the gumption to enforce the Laws and the Spirit of the Game.

Does Ronaldo wear shin guards?

Cristiano Ronaldo wears Nike Mercurial lite shin guards.

So, it should be no surprise that one of his favorite pairs of shin guards is the Nike Mercurial lite. Ronaldo is known for his explosive bursts of power and speed, and this could be a contributing factor as to why he likes these light shin guards so much.

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Does Jack Grealish wear shin guards?

“It began during one season when I was 15 or 16 and the socks in training kept shrinking. I had to wear them underneath my calves and that season I ended up playing really well. So I ended up keeping them like that and to this day I’ve still got them.