Is Secure Trading Safe?

Secure Trading rates as a reliable e-commerce merchant services provider according to all available information. The company has not received a great deal of public feedback regarding its pricing and customer support, but there are no serious transparency issues in its marketing materials or its contract terms.

Is Secure Trading legit?

The above reviews show that Secure Trading is generally considered to be a reliable and helpful online banking and payments provider for merchant accounts. They are praised for offering a range of options and security measures to help prevent fraud and protect a customer’s business finances.

What is Secure Trading payment?

COMPANY DETAILS. Secure Trading is a full-service payments company – a single point of contact for online payment processing, merchant card acquiring, and PCI compliance and cyber security services. … Thousands of organisations worldwide trust us to manage their online payments and help their businesses grow.

What is TrustPay?

TrustPay provides innovative payment services for online businesses with cross-border reach offering a variety of payment solutions under one roof including: • worldwide online card payment processing, • alternative payment methods, • modern accounts for online businesses (IBANIZE), • innovative reconciliation tools …

Is TrustPay safe?

A secure online payment

The TrustPay platform provides instant bank transfers between its partner banks. TrustPay is EU licensed and regulated payment institution.

How do I pay with TrustPay?

How do I pay by TrustPay?

  1. Sign in to your Skype account.
  2. Select the Skype product that you want to buy. …
  3. Enter your billing name and address. …
  4. If you already have a different payment method set up, you’ll need to change it to TrustPay. …
  5. Select TrustPay, then click Next.
  6. You will be redirected to the TrustPay website.
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What is TrustPay in snapdeal?

WHAT DOES TRUSTPAY STAND FOR? Trust Pay Policy ensures assured seller refund / replacement to you on specific products when you return / seek replacement (within 7 calendar days from delivery). You shall also be eligible for refund upon successful cancellation of the product prior to delivery.

What is TrustPay 247?

TrustPay is licensed payment institution which specializes on effective solutions for payments Their service include provision of secure and reliable platform for payment operations and provision of services connected to instant bank tranfers (over 60 banks in Europe) and also connected to card payment processing (from …