Is Bitdefender Total Security the best antivirus?

Is Bitdefender Total Security a good antivirus?

Bitdefender Total Security is one of the best antivirus you can buy. It’s beautifully designed and offers incredibly advanced protection. On top of that, the VPN has been dramatically improved on all operating software. It’s not perfect: The parental controls need updating, and the password manager is Windows-only.

Which is better Bitdefender Total Security or antivirus plus?

If you want basic protection and VPN support on your Windows devices (up to 3 maximum), then we recommend getting the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. If you want the addition of parental control features, then you should get the Bitdefender Internet Security instead.

Which Total Security antivirus is best?

Bestsellers in Antivirus & Security Software

  1. #1. Kaspersky Total Security Latest Version- 1… …
  2. #2. McAfee Antivirus – 1 User, 3 Years (Email… …
  3. #3. Max Secure Anti-Virus Plus with Ransomware… …
  4. #4. Kaspersky Total Security (Windows / Mac… …
  5. #5. McAfee Anti-Virus – 1 PC, 1 Year (Email… …
  6. #6. Bitdefender – 1 Device,1 Year – Mobile… …
  7. #7. …
  8. #8.

Why is Bitdefender bad?

Ransomware Protection

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Bitdefender is just as aggressive on ransomware as it is on malware. It blocks access to any infected URLS right away. This is where the Safe Files features comes in—it only allows the most trusted apps and software to even come close to your files.

Has Bitdefender ever been hacked?

A portion of customer data from much-respected anti-virus firm BitDefender has leaked online and, according to the hacker who took the data and tried to extort the firm, usernames and passwords were not encrypted. The perpetrator told FORBES all the data he stole was unencrypted.

Does Bitdefender antivirus spy?

In principle, Bitdefender will not reveal any personal data about its users to third parties without the exceptions mentioned above.

Does Bitdefender Total Security include antivirus protection?

While it’s not the security extravaganza that Bitdefender offers on Windows, Bitdefender Total Security on Android is a comprehensive suite of security components. It includes antivirus, anti-theft, web protection, locking for your sensitive apps, and even account privacy reporting.

What is the difference between total security and antivirus?

Internet Security has the antivirus feature as well as some other features. It deals with protection and privacy against viruses, phishing, spyware etc.

Internet Security:

S.NO Antivirus Internet Security
4. Antivirus has no parent control. While internet security has parent control.

Does Bitdefender slow down PC?

If you want antivirus software to not slow you down, these are the programs to buy (or avoid). It’s true: Antivirus programs can slow your computer, sometimes by quite a lot.

Which antivirus software has the least system impact?

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Bitdefender Total Security
Passive slowdown 19.2%
Full-scan slowdown 32.7%
Quick-scan slowdown 30.1%

Which is the No 1 antivirus for PC?

The 7 Best Antivirus Software of 2021

  • Best Overall: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.
  • Best for Windows: Norton 360 With LifeLock.
  • Best for Mac: Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac.
  • Best for Multiple Devices: McAfee Antivirus Plus.
  • Best Premium Option: Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security.
  • Best Malware Scanning: Malwarebytes.

Is Bitdefender Free Edition good?

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition doesn’t have the wealth of features that makes its for-pay sibling almost a suite. It does contain the same basic protection against malware, malicious websites, and fraudulent sites, though it lacks some of the premium edition’s additional protective layers.

What country is Bitdefender from?

Bitdefender develops and delivers cybersecurity products and services, including endpoint protection, cloud and managed security, antivirus software and IoT security.


Type Private
Industry Computer software
Founded November 6, 2001
Founder Florin Talpeș
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania

Is Kaspersky better than Bitdefender?

While Kaspersky Anti-Virus has a slight edge on malware detection and a somewhat larger advantage on system impact, those are outweighed by Bitdefender Antivirus Plus’ overall user-friendliness.