Is a student ID number FERPA protected?

U.S. Department of Education . … The 2011 regulations added student ID numbers or unique personal identifiers to the list of directory information, including those displayed on student ID badges, as long as such numbers cannot be used to access the student’s other educational records without a password or PIN.

Is student ID number confidential?

The student ID number and grades are confidential information, and posting them is a violation of FERPA. … Grades should not be posted using partially masked digits of a student number or social security number because even such a truncated number may constitute personally identifiable information.

What student information is protected under Ferpa?

What kinds of records are covered by FERPA? Any record that can be linked to a specific student, whether by name, by social security number, by student ID, or through any other kind of personally identifiable information (e.g., transcripts, financial records, assignments, etc.) is covered.

What information is not protected by Ferpa?

Records that contain personally identifiable information about a student, but are only on the computer. All paper records that contain personally identifiable information about a student. Faculty and staff personal records about the student that are not shared with others and that are not placed in the student’s file.

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Is it safe to give student number?

You should treat your student identification card with the same security as you would your bank debit or credit card. You should not give your student card to anyone else to use and you should not provide them with your password or Library PIN. … Visit the student payments system to obtain a replacement student ID card.

What can student ID be used for?

Student IDsStudents should carry ID cards on them at all times. Student ID cards serve a variety of purposes outside of photo identification, and can provide access to such amenities as borrowing books at the school library, attending school events, receiving discounts at local stores and movie theaters, and much more.

Are student grades protected by FERPA?

FERPA’s provisions do not apply to grades and educational decisions about children that school personnel make. While parents have a right to review records, schools are not required by Federal law to provide copies of information, unless providing copies would be the only way of giving parents access.

What are some specific examples of FERPA violations?

Consider these other FERPA violation examples:

  • Emailing protected student information to everyone in the class.
  • Including social security numbers on shared documents.
  • Posting grades and identifying information in public.
  • Publicly disclosing a student athlete’s academic status.

What is considered a FERPA violation?

If a school denies access to student records to a parent of a student under the age of 18, that’s a FERPA violation, Rooker points out. … If they don’t, they risk illegally denying someone their right to that information, or wrongfully giving a parent access.

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Can schools share student information?

Schools may disclose, without consent, “directory” information such as a student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, honors and awards, and dates of attendance. … Schools must notify parents and eligible students annually of their rights under FERPA.

What are the FERPA exceptions?

FERPA exceptions

  • University officials carrying out their specifically assigned educational or administrative responsibilities. …
  • Appropriate officials in connection with a health or safety emergency.
  • Federal officers as prescribed by law.
  • As required by state law.

What records are exempt from FERPA?

In addition, some records maintained by schools are exempt from FERPA, including: (1) records in the sole possession of school officials; (2) records maintained by a law enforcement unit of the educational institution; (3) records of an educational institution’s non-student employees; and (4) records on a student who …

Can someone misuse your student ID?

If your card is misused, you will be held accountable. If security staff identify misuse of a Student ID Card, the card will be confiscated and a report sent to the Student Conduct Officer. A fine of $25 will be payable for the return of the card to the student.

Where should I keep my student ID?

Best to keep it Tuesday through Thursday, if possible. 3. Wearing Your Student ID on a Lanyard Around Your Neck. The easiest way to be picked out as a freshman is to wear your ID and your keys on your college-issued lanyard, jinglin’ and janglin’ as you run around campus.

Where can I find my mcmaster student number?

Visit for more information. They will ask you for your student (person ID) number and barcode number. If you do not remember your student number and barcode number and cannot locate this information in your email, please visit our Contact Us page and we can resend you this information.

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