How do shin guards go on?

Shin guards must be the right length, extending from about two inches below the knee to just above the bend in the ankle. Think also about the position you play. Defenders need the most protection, so ankle protection is a good idea. Midfielders must balance protection with flexibility to provide freedom of motion.

Which way do shin guards go?

The best way to remember which shin guard goes on which leg is this: If the two shin guards are identical then it doesn’t matter which leg they go on. If one side of the shin guard is taller than the other, then place the tall side on the outside of your leg.

How do shin guards fit?

Shin guards should fit from just above the bend of your ankle when you flex your foot to a couple of inches below the knee.

Why do shin guards have to go under socks?

Suppose a player wears their shin guards over their socks rather than under them. In that situation, the color on the shin guards may confuse another player or referee when they quickly glance at another player’s feet or legs. To avoid any distraction, players wear shin guards under their socks.

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Do soccer socks go over shin guards?

For match play, your socks must completely cover your shin guards. … Often times your shin guard can dictate how you wear your socks. For guards with built-in ankle protection (usually preferred by younger players), players attach the guard to their leg and then pull their socks over them.

Do you wear socks over field hockey shin guards?

Place your shin guards over the top of the thin pair of socks or shin guard inner socks. 3. Put your socks over the top of the shin guards and adjust as needed.

Do you wear shin guards under or over socks?

Shin guards are worn under the socks, so don’t put them on yet. Position the shin guards correctly. Make sure they are centered on your shin, not off to the side. They should protect from your ankle to below your knee.

What kind of shin guards do pros wear?

G-Form are the Shin Pads of Choice for Professionals

The G-Form Blade is starting to gain momentum throughout the elite game. It still amazes us, what professional football players are wearing on field as their protection, as the modern day shin guard doesn’t suit their needs.

How do you wear soccer socks and shin guards?

Younger players typically wear shin guards with included ankle protection. These go on first, and then you pull the sock on over them, and the cleats go on last. Slip-in guards go inside socks—put the socks and cleats on first, and then put the guard on and pull the sock up over it.

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Which shin guards are the best?

10 Best Soccer Shin Guards Product Reviews

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  2. Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guard. Buy Now ➜ …
  3. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard. …
  4. Nike Charge Shin Guards. …
  5. Wilson Peewee Soccer Sock Guard. …
  6. Wilson Hex Soccer Shin Guard. …
  7. Dash Sport – The Best Kids Soccer Shin Guards. …
  8. Franklin Sports Soccer Shin Guards.