How do I transfer my ESET antivirus to another computer?

Yes, you can transfer your ESET to a different computer. Simply download ESET onto the new computer from after uninstalling it from the old one, then use your activation key from your most recent ESET purchase to re-activate your subscription on the different PC.

How do I install ESET on a second computer?

The Computers or Group tab allows you to add new computers or mobile devices.

  1. To add a new computer, click Computers > Add New and then select Computers (alternatively click the gear icon. …
  2. Type the IP address or host name of a machine you want to add and ESET Security Management Center will search for it on the network.

Can I use my ESET on two computers?

One copy of ESET Internet Security can cover up to five of your devices. You should choose the number of devices at the first stage of your buying process. You can easily check license usage via our License Manager at portal.

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Can I add another device to my ESET account?

You cannot add a new device directly from the ESET HOME web portal. Add a device or multiple devices assigned to your ESET HOME account directly from ESET Internet Security, ESET Smart Security Premium or ESET Mobile Security. … Enter your email address and the password for your ESET HOME account, and then click Sign in.

How do I add a device to my ESET license?

Add new devices manually

  1. To add a new computer, click Computers > Add New and then select Computers (alternatively click the gear icon. …
  2. oType the IP address or hostname of a machine you want to add and ESET Security Management Center will search for it on the network. …
  3. o+ Add Device to add additional devices.

How do I know if ESET is installed on my computer?

Determine which ESET product is installed on your computer

  1. Open the main program window of your Windows ESET product.
  2. The name of your ESET product is displayed at the top of the window.

How do I install ESET on my laptop?

How to Install Eset Antivirus?

  1. You can install the Antivirus package with the help of the installation CD or from the browser.
  2. Double-click on the Antivirus setup file to run it.
  3. Choose Continue in the Install ESET Internet Security window.
  4. Tap the I Accept option in the License Agreement screen.

How much does ESET renewal cost?

$59.99. Explore the ESET Customer Portal to: Renew, add devices or upgrade your product. Retrieve your license information.

Can I use ESET on IPAD?

In fact, the security restrictions enforced by Apple’s iOS design mean that comprehensive endpoint security apps can’t be created for iOS. … Hence, ESET does not offer a security product for iPhones and iPads.

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How do I renew my ESET license?

You will need your ESET-issued Username and/or License Key.

  1. Visit our Renewals page.
  2. Type in or copy/paste your ESET-issued Username or License Key/ID into the blank field and click Get Started. …
  3. Select your preferred renewal option (for example, 1 Year or 2 Years) and click Renew Now.

How do I connect to ESET?

Connecting to myESET

  1. Tap. …
  2. Tap myESET account.
  3. Tap Connect if you already have a myESET account.
  4. Type the email address associated with your myESET account and password.
  5. Tap Connect.
  6. Create a nickname for your device to help identify the device in myESET. …
  7. Tap Finish to return to the ESET Mobile Security main screen.

How do I install ESET on my phone?

Download ESET Mobile Security for Android from Google Play

  1. Using your Android device, open the Google Play app and search for ESET Mobile Security. You can also visit the Google Play store using your computer and trigger your product to download to your device remotely.
  2. Tap Install.

What is ESET multi-device security?

ESET Multi-Device Security is a bundle of ESET products that you can activate using a single license. A Multi-Device Security license allows you to install any combination of the following ESET products: ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Windows. … ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro for macOS.

How can I renew my ESET antivirus online?

Renew License

  1. Enter your existing ESET Username & Password or ESET License Key below.
  2. Fill-in all required fields. Upon successful payment you will receive via email the confirmation of the renewal.
  3. Your existing license details remain the same, no further action is required.
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How do I remove ESET license from my computer?

Deactivate licenses using ESET Remote Administrator (ERA)

Open ESET Remote Administrator Web Console (ERA Web Console) in your web browser and log in. Click Computers and select the check box(es) next to the computer(s) you want to deactivate. Click Computers → Deactivate Products. Click OK.

Is ESET antivirus good?

Yes. ESET is one of the safest antivirus programs on the market. It offers really strong protection against all forms of malware, ransomware, spyware, and phishing websites.