How do I send a secure message to Fidelity?

Hi, there is a link to send a “Secure Email” under “Customer Service” > “Contact Us.” You can access it here: Thanks!

Does Fidelity have chat?

Use the Messages app on your iPhone® and iPad® to contact Fidelity directly: Chat with a representative, get answers to questions from our Virtual Assistant, view updates on your account management transaction statuses, and get balances and market updates.

What is Fidelity Investments email address?

The most common Fidelity Investments email format is first ‘. ‘ last (ex. being used 64.0% of the time.

Fidelity Investments Email Format.

Fidelity Investments’s Email Format Percentage
first last 15.0%
first_initial last 5.0%
first last_initial 4.0%

What is a Spaxx account?

Fidelity Government Money Market Fund (SPAXX), a taxable money market mutual fund investing in U.S. Government Agency and Treasury debt, and related repurchase agreements. Intended for investors seeking as high a level of current income as is consistent with the preservation of capital and liquidity.

Is Fidelity a fiduciary?

When we act as an investment adviser, we are considered to have a fiduciary relationship with you and are held to legal standards under applicable federal and state securities laws. … These services provide discretionary investment management for a fee.

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How do I get a human at Fidelity?

Call 1-800-835-5097 to speak with a representative on your organization’s plan.

How long does it take Fidelity to close an account?

Generally speaking, Fidelity should be able to disburse funds to the appropriate parties in as little as five to seven days.

How do I find my Fidelity statement?

Monthly and quarterly account statements, and prospectuses/reports are also available to view as web pages.

  1. To view a monthly or quarterly account statement, click the HTML link next to the document you want to view.
  2. To view a prospectuses or report, click the date link associated with the document you want to view.

What is understood by high fidelity media?

High fidelity media send messages that are complete, requiring little extra interpretation. They are clear and easy to understand. … A high fidelity medium in which the person does become engaged, perhaps through interest in the subject-matter, is highly effective. A high fidelity medium is also known as a ‘hot’ medium.

Where is Fidelity Investments headquarters address?

Fidelity Management Trust Company (“FMTC”) is a limited purpose trust company organized and operating under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Established in 1981, it is wholly owned by FMR LLC, the parent company of the businesses more commonly known as Fidelity Investments (“Fidelity Investments”).