How do I install Horizon View Security server?

What is security server in Horizon View?

3.2 Horizon View Security Server

Horizon View Security Server provides an extra layer of security for external Internet users who use a View Connection Server to access the internal network. Typically deployed in the DMZ, it proxies incoming connections to View Connection Servers on the trusted network.

How do I connect to a VMware Horizon Client Server?

Either open a terminal window and enter vmware-view or search the applications for VMware Horizon Client, and double-click the icon. Connect to a server. Double-click the + Add Server button, or click New Server on the menu bar, enter the name of a server as instructed by your system administrator, and click Connect.

How do I connect to a security server with a connection server?

In Horizon Administrator, on the left, expand View Configuration, and click Servers. On the right, switch to the Connection Servers tab. Select the Horizon Connection Server to which the Security Server will be paired. Then click More Commands, and click Specify Security Server Pairing Password.

How do I setup a horizon Connection Server?

In the Installation Options page, select Horizon 7 Standard Server, and click Next. In the Data Recovery page, enter a password, and click Next. In the Firewall Configuration page, click Next. In the Initial Horizon 7 Administrators page, enter an AD group containing your Horizon administrators, and click Next.

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What is View Security Server?

VMware Horizon View Security Server is another component of the Horizon View which provides and additional layer security between Internet and the internal network you have deployed Horizon View infrastructure.

How do I install Horizon View 8?

How to Install Horizon

  1. Download Horizon Installers. …
  2. Verify Infrastructure Requirements Are Met. …
  3. Create VMs for the Connection Server and Database Server. …
  4. Install the Horizon Connection Server. …
  5. Prerequisites for Connection Server Installation. …
  6. Run the Horizon Connection Server Installation Wizard.

How do I enable PCoIP secure gateway in Windows 10?

Configuring PCoIP Security Gateway

  1. In View Administrator, click View Configuration > Servers.
  2. Select the Connection Server to which the Security Server is paired.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select the Use PCoIP Secure Gateway for PCoIP connections to desktop option.

How do I open VMware horizon client?

2 Double-click the VMware Horizon Client desktop shortcut or click Start > Programs > VMware Horizon Client. 3 (Optional) To log in as the currently logged-in Windows domain user, click the Options button on the menu bar and select Log in as current user.

Where is VMware horizon client settings?

When Horizon Client starts up, configuration settings are processed from various locations in the following order: /etc/vmware/view-default-config. ~/. vmware/view-preferences.

What is USB redirection horizon view?

When you use the USB redirection feature, most USB devices that are attached to the local client system become available from menus in Horizon Client. You use these menus to connect and disconnect the devices. … You can connect USB devices to a remote desktop or published application either manually or automatically.

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What is PCoIP secure gateway?

The PCoIP Security Gateway enables WAN users to securely access their remote desktops via the Internet without setting up a VPN connection. The PCoIP Security Gateway is not required for LAN access.