How do I install Deep Security kernel support?

On the Deep Security Manager console, navigate to Administration > Updates > Local. Click Import and select the recently downloaded kernel version package. Click Next, then click Finish. Make sure the Deep Security Agent package is also imported on the server.

How do I manually install a Deep Security Agent?

Install an Ubuntu or Debian agent

  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Download Center.
  2. Import the agent package into Deep Security Manager.
  3. , and then export the installer (. deb file).
  4. Copy the installer file to the computer.
  5. Install the agent. sudo dpkg -i <installer file>

How do I download Deep Security Agent?

How to Install Trend Micro Deep Security Agent on Linux?

  1. Navigate to theTrend Micro Deep Security Agent Install Manager on your computer and click Administration Updates Software Download Center. …
  2. Navigate to Administration on Deep Security Manager Updates Software Local choose the agent.
  3. Choose Export Export Installer.
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What methods are available for installing a Deep Security Agent on a server that needs protection?

Manually install the Deep Security Agent

  • review the agent’s system requirements. See Deep Security Agent requirements.
  • import agent software into Deep Security Manager (doesn’t apply to Deep Security as a Service). See Get Deep Security Agent software.
  • export the installer. See Get Deep Security Agent software.

How do I update Trend Micro Deep Security?

Manually upgrade the agent

  1. In the Deep Security Manager, go to Administration > Updates > Software Updates.
  2. Make sure the most recent Deep Security agents have been downloaded to the Deep Security Manager from Trend Micro Download Center.
  3. On the Software Updates tab, click View Imported Software.

How do I activate Deep Security Agent?

To activate the Deep Security Agent via command line:

  1. Open the Deep Security Manager (DSM) console.
  2. Go to Administration > System Settings > Agents tab.
  3. Under the Remote Activation section, enable the Allow Agent Initiated Activation option and select For any computers.

How do I find deep security agent in Windows?


  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type wmic and then type “product get name,version” as shown below: To filter the results and display Trend Micro products only, type the following: Product where “Vendor like ‘%Trend Micro%'” get name,version.

How do I install Trend Micro security agent?

Android device

  1. Log on to the WFBS-SVC console.
  2. Go to the Security Agents tab.
  3. Click Add Security Agents.
  4. From the Add Security Agents to dropdown list, select which group you want to add the Security Agent to. …
  5. Click Send Installer Link.
  6. Open or copy and paste the link that was sent via email to a web browser.
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What is Deep Security Manager?

Deep Security Manager, the centralized web-based management console that administrators use to configure security policy and deploy protection to the enforcement components: the Deep Security Virtual Appliance and the Deep Security Agent.

What is Deep Security SAAS?

Deep Security provides a complete suite of security capabilities including intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, malware prevention with web reputation, predictive machine learning, sandbox analysis, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and multi-platform application control.

What is Deep Security Relay?

Deep Security Relays are agents where you have enabled the relay feature, available in Deep Security Agent 9.5 or newer for Windows and Linux [64-bit only]. Relays update your agents more quickly, reduce manager load, and save Internet connection or WAN bandwidth.

How do I know if Trend Micro is installed on Linux?

To check the agent version and module configuration on a Linux machine, use the following commands:

  1. Agent Version. – rpm -qa ds_agent. For Example: $ rpm -qa ds_agent. ds_agent-20.0.0-877.el6.i686. …
  2. Module Configuration. – /opt/ds_agent/sendCommand –get GetConfiguration | grep “Feature ” Where: 1 – On. 2 – Off.

How do I manually update my deep security agent?

Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Download Center. Get Deep Security Agent software. Go to Computers. Find the computer that you want to upgrade.

How do I update Trend Micro agent?

Initiate an agent upgrade

  1. On the Computers page, right-click the computer for which you would like to upgrade the agent, and click Actions > Upgrade Agent Software.
  2. In the Upgrade Agent Software window, select the Agent Version. …
  3. Depending on your preference, select to Upgrade Now or Use a Schedule for Upgrade. …
  4. Click OK.
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How do I check my Deep Security Manager version?

Deep Security Manager version (On-Premise)

  1. Open the Deep Security Manager console.
  2. Click Support > About. A pop-up window will appear showing the product version you are currently using.