How do I get unbanned from Hypixel security?

How do I unban my Hypixel security alert?

You can submit an appeal at You are unable to skip the mandatory 30 day recovery phase, even if you have already secured your account. You will need to wait the full 30 days.

How long is a security ban on Hypixel?

Once your appeal has been accepted, you will enter a recovery phase and will be able to access the server again after 14 days. You will NOT be allowed to appeal this temporary ban and support will not lift the ban before it expires.

How do I fix my Hypixel security alert ban?

An Account Security Alert means your account has very likely been compromised. As such, we have banned it in your own interest. Please secure your account as mentioned at, then appeal for an unban at

Why did Hypixel ban me for security?

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That ban reason likely means your account got hacked (or you used a VPN that flagged the system) in both cases, change your password and secure your account asap.

How do you cancel a 30 day ban on Hypixel?

Unfortunately, the 30-day recovery ban cannot be reduced/removed. This is because it may take up to 30 days to contact Mojang support and Hypixel must ensure your account is secure before allowing you on the network once again.

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How do I find my ban ID Hypixel?

You can find your UUID on websites like (enter your current name and copy your UUID). Enter the name that you had when you were banned.