Can you attack a player with protection MTG?

702.16f Attacking creatures with protection can’t be blocked by creatures that have the stated quality. 702.16g “Protection from [quality A] and from [quality B]” is shorthand for “protection from [quality A]” and “protection from [quality B]”; it behaves as two separate protection abilities.

How does player protection work?

Protection from a player is a new variant of the protection ability. It means the following: True-Name Nemesis can’t be the target of spells or abilities controlled by the chosen player. True-Name Nemesis can’t be enchanted by Auras or equipped by Equipment controlled by the chosen player.

Can I target my creature with protection?

In a casual game you and your opponents would have to agree to some solution. Remember – protection from “X” is not the same as hexproof, and neither are the same as shroud.

Does protection stop blocking?

A creature with protection from a color “can’t be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, enchanted, or equipped by anything” of that color. Now that’s a mouthful!

Can you block a card with protection?

As you noted, a creature with protection from something can’t be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, enchanted, or equipped by anything that has that “something” quality. That quality is usually one or more colors.

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Does protection protect from board wipes?

Does Protection Work Against Board Wipes? This can be a little more complicated, but let’s go back to the DEBT acronym. Protection stops damage, enchanting/equipping, blocking, and targeting. It doesn’t do anything against any other kinds of effects.

Does protection make enchantments fall?

because protection says that the protected thing can’t be enchanted at all, any auras already on it will fall off.

Can a black creature block a protection from black?

“Protection from black” means the following things: All damage that would be dealt to it from black sources is prevented. Cannot be equipped or enchanted by anything black. Cannot be blocked by a black creature.

What happens if a creature with protection blocks?

Protection just means that the creature won’t be damaged, enchanted, blocked or targeted by anything green. Thus, if a white creature with protection from green blocks a green creature, the white creature will take no damage.

Does protection remove auras MTG?

Yes. Creatures with protection (from blue) can’t be damaged, enchanted, blocked, or targeted by anything (blue). The Aura is removed and goes to the graveyard.

How does protection work in MTG?

A creature with protection from one or more colors of magic cannot be affected by any magic of those colors. For example, a creature with protection from blue cannot be blocked by blue creatures, dealt damage by blue creatures, or enchanted, damaged, or otherwise affected by blue cards.

Can you block a creature with protection from creatures MTG?

T: This card cannot be Targeted by things it has protection from. So yes, you protection from creatures creature can block his creatures and not die.

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Can a creature block a creature with protection from creatures?

The creature with protection from creatures cannot be Blocked in the first place.

Can you regenerate a sacrificed creature?

Description. Sacrificing or saccing is purposely or forcefully removing a permanent from play. This can be due to an effect on the card itself, the effect of another permanent already in play, coming into or leaving play or a spell such as an instant or sorcery. A sacrificed permanent cannot be regenerated.